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Hanged Up – Clatter for control

One big avant-punk fuck off from God Speed label mates Hanged Up. Listening to the third album from viola and drum duo I find myself scouring the albums hand made cover for the ‘Hanged Up do not condone violence’ sticker.

Right from the off Clatter For Control erupts with the apocalyptic call to war that is “Klang Klang”. It be comes quite clear from an early stage that I have become a danger to myself and others listening to this in a shopping mall. Genevieve Heistek has an audio looper attached to her viola to add layers of distortion.

Genevieve Heistek refuses forgiveness on her viola, while Eric Craven is simply mind-blowing on the drums. This album is full of energy and tension. The second track “Alarm” again fast and furious, Heistek’s frantic playing climaxes with warning drives whaling in to the sky. While Craven’s drumming becomes a matter of life and death. Each trashing beat sounding like Craven is desperately trying to put a raging beast out of its misery. Suddenly silence…and “A Different Kind Of Function” begins with it’s aftermath, war torn sound-scape. “Eksplozije” finishes with a static feedback whistle that leaves you with a metallic taste in your mouth.

Then like winter turns to spring, there is hope. The clouds seem to almost clear for the optimistic jig-like march that is “Go Let’s Go”. Craven’s snares shimmer like the mass meeting of swords to change and speed race past Heistek’s devious Viola drones.

But all isn’t how it seems and quite quickly it’s apparent we were mealy experiencing the calm before the storm. Jesus! “Derailleur” and “Fuck This Place”, this is chaos. On “Fuck This Place” we hear ‘Hanged Up’ introduce vocals for the first time. Or more like a continues scream of terror going unanswered. The sound is huge, just how the Duo have managed to achieve such a big sound is in it self amazing. Heistek has now become a medium to voice some out of this world force. The screeching and winning coming from her distorted strings makes you wonder if you will make it to the other end of the song alive. Craven’s drumming sound like a robotic mass war in the midst of an heavy electric storm. Simply Fascinating.

What could possibly follow that? Only a true piece of magic. “How We Keep Time” has turned this album from a great piece of work to an amazing piece of work. The dust is slowly settling over a warm sky, sorrowful beautiful waves ascend and descend from Heistek mournful strings. These are the dying mans last breath as his life rushes before his eyes. Craven’s drumming here is pure genius. Symbols and snares rattle and hiss, sometimes in an almost whisper like flurry. Beats twitch and tap of Craven’s drums like his each limb has a mind of it’s own.

“Junk The Clatter” closes the album and the our new found peace seems unstable again. Heistek’s playing swells around us and soon enough breaks under it’s own weight into a heavy, torn riff. Craven too is uncompromising. Chaos resumed and in control again. The world is ending and I never thought I’d enjoy it so much.

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