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Secret Tones recommends November

Mono – Memorie Dal Futuro
Recorded and Mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Recording, Chicago in Sep 2005.

memorie.jpgJapan’s instrumental post rock troubadours release two track 10″. This is a limited edition so it’s well worth investing now. The last time Mono released a limited edition (a split album with Pelican) it mostly sold out while they were on tour. I have to say this is one to make my mouth water. Slow crescendos of soaring strings and wailing guitars build like brewing storms and morph into a ritual of raw metal noise. Breathtaking. There is a wee preview over on Mono’s annoying site. So lock the doors and get in mode what ever that may be for you. I personally like to listen to good music while smoking duty free cigarettes and drinking strong Italian coffee in a preferably isolated room with big windows. What about you?

Also in a few days, November 21, 2006 to be exact Mono will release a compilation album featuring groups such as The Anomoanon, Sleeping People and of course themselves.

Listen to a sample of Memorie Dal Futuro
Interested? Buy it here

The Jesus Lizard Head/Pure
Steve Albini again! 1990.
jesusl_lizard.jpgThe Jesus Lizard have been called “a leading noise rock band in the American independent underground who turned out a series of independent records filled with scathing, disemboweling, guitar-driven pseudo-industrial noise, all of which received positive reviews in underground music publications. This is a good place to start for those new to the Jesus Lizard. Head/Pure is a combination of their first EP release (Pure) and first LP release (Head).

This is what Secret Tones contributor John Barron had to say – “Sorry fellow pilgrims, but if you don’t like this album your license to rock will be revoked and destroyed. This is the blues alright – the type of blues where our hero remembers “marinating in a pool/a puddle of blood and urine/my own urine/someone else’s blood. If you are not thrilled to the spinal fluid by the monstrous beauty of David Yow belching, grunting, screeching and moaning down a garbled phone-line to the backing of the most apocalyptic, bastardised and orgasmic guitar blues crescendos, you may actually be clinically dead. Buy it and decide once and for all whether you are worthy of your lonely hearts column claim to “like rock music”

Preview/buy Head/Pure

Dan Sartain – Join
sartain.jpgAlabama’s Post-modern rock’n’roll, punk kid Dan Sartain with his outlaw bony Latino-boy face can only be trouble. I can hear my parents telling me “to stay away from that Dan Sartain”. Senior Sartain is a rock ‘n’ rollcar_sartain.jpg throwback, churning out punky, no-frills garage rock in the same of waters as Billy Childish and with the sheer rawness of Micheal Yonker’s Microminiature Love which helps separate him from the never ending masses of three-chord bores. Amazingly Sartain is only 24 yet he writes and spits out his songs with the insight and gut of a man who’s lived a million lifetimes of love and hate.

Described as “…a troubadour on course to collide into greatness” and maybe more interestingly “some bastard son of Johnny Cash”. This is proving to be one of my best buys this year. You know what to do.

Listen to Join


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