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Hi! I started this blog with the intention of making notes and noises about the music I love. After realising that taking on Pitchfork Media was a little over ambitious I decided to narrow my scope and just focus on a few independent artists that I come across week by week. Occasionally there are two other people contributing this blog, their posts will be signed accordingly.

I am constantly reading about new and old music on-line and in magazines which in turn costs me a small fortune on Cd’s and vinyl. I hope that by reading my humble scribbles about the artists I like you in turn will be inspired to take a further listen and maybe make a purchase. Please feel free to have your say, comments are always appreciated

Location: Now currently residing in freezing Edinburgh, Scotland.
Occupation: I play with pixels and make nice graphic type weby stuff.
Dreams: To grow old in Italy sucking olives and drinking Chianti with my woman.

I drink too much coffee and can’t listen to a good song with out smoking.
I constantly make mixed Cd’s for friends who never listen to them.
When listening to music with friends I have been known to continuously change tracks and rarely let a full song play.
I hate the ‘what kind of music do you like’ question.
I always ask people ‘what kind of music they like’.

Thanks to Irish Photographer and brother Derek Knight for the use of the picture.


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