On the Secret Tones Stereo

Ideally I would prefer to set up some pod-casts and let you listen for your good selves but due to the legal implications i thought it best just to stick to a list of what i’m listening to each week.

Each album will be linked to somewhere or other so you can preview the tracks. Love to hear what you think of the albums profiled or better still let me know what you are listening to.


Gabriel Naim Amor – Soundtracks
2002 | Label – Film Guerrero
French singer/guitarist/composer first album of his Soundtrack series.
Naim Amor on myspace


Dan Sartain – Join
2006 | Label – Swami/One Little Indian
Second album from the “bastard son of J Cash”
Samples of Dan Sartain’s Join
Dan Sartain on Secret Tones


Lawrence – The Night Will Last Forever
2005 | Label – Novamute
Lawrence’s third album. Mix of house, minimal techno and deep ambient electronica.
Lawrence on myspace


Howe Gelb – ‘sno angel like you
2006 | Label – Loose Music
Living ledgend Howe Gelb’s solo album joined with a Canadian gospel choir.
Gelb on myspace


Deaf Center – Pale Ravine
2006 | Type Records
Norwegian ambient/eletronic composers return!
Listen to Pale Ravine…no really, Listen to it.
Deaf Center on Secret Tones


2 Responses to “On the Secret Tones Stereo”

  1. 1 Keith November 20, 2006 at 5:21 pm

    Join by Dan Sartain is fantastic. Bound to break free from the underground to a wider audience. Great live too, go to see him if he comes to town.

  2. 2 Skylark Blog November 21, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    One of the best albums gelb has made. Great cover of Rainers The Farm.

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